10 Luxury Travel Gifts for Him

I don’t know about you, but I find buying gifts for men a bit of a nightmare. I have resorted to keeping a running list whenever I stumble upon something that fits the bill, so that when the inevitable time comes that I need something quickly, I’m not drawing a total blank. This is my round up of the best luxury travel gifts for him; save this list for any last minute gift giving requirements!

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The Future of Travel After Quarantine

Last year, I wrote a post on luxury travel trends for 2020, an article that turned out to be one of the most popular I have ever written. As a travel lover, I like to keep on top of what is going on in the industry; what countries are doing something a bit different, how people are travelling, what exciting new hotels are opening and the general future of travel.

Well, we have all been thrown (no matter from where in the world you are reading this) one massive curveball and I didn’t for one minute expect to have spent the last four months barely leaving the house. Consequently, rather than contemplating where I will travel next, it’s when, how and whether I’ll be even able to.

However, as a habitual planner and with the restrictions starting to ease in many places around the globe, the time has come where I can start to take to the road/skies/beach again and I, like many others, am trying to work out how I will be adapting my travel to the current situation.

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9 Benefits of a Staycation Holiday

With all of our travel plans continuing to be on hold for the foreseeable future, I am sure I am not alone in dreaming about my next trip for what is becoming an increasing amount of time with every day that goes by. I have come to the conclusion that the likelihood is that domestic travel will be a more viable option before international travel, so whether you are accustomed to the joys a holiday in your own country can bring or not, here is a list of the benefits of a staycation to get you excited for when we are able to move around (a bit more) freely again.

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How to Survive Long Flights in Economy

For the past several years I have been fortunate enough to be able to fly business class on my long haul trips. However, I recently found myself in a position where this just wasn’t an option and instead had the conundrum of trying to figure out how to survive a long flight in economy instead.

I flew economy for many years (and still do on short haul flights), but I traded up for my long haul flights a while ago now and honestly, I love it. Travel is my chosen luxury in life and I really enjoy and look forward to the whole flying experience now it is so comfortable, even as much as the holiday itself.

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Personalised Travel Gifts for the Luxury Travel Lover

Everyone has someone in their life that loves to travel, whether it be for work or because they love to see the world. Believe it or not, these people are actually very easy to buy for!

The best luxury travel gifts seamlessly combine practicality with style. It is one of my favourite things to shop for and when buying for others, I love to look for personalised travel gifts to make it that little bit extra special.

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