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You are reading Champagne on Arrival, a personal travel blog written and edited by Rachael Gunn.

Everything on this site is based on my own personal travel experiences. I work really hard on ensuring that all information I provide is accurate and up to date, however things do change. For this reason, please double check any information I provide with the manufacturer, provider or party in question before booking something on my recommendation; opening hours could have been altered, prices increased, places closed etc. I would hate for you to go somewhere based on an article I had written and then it not meet your expectation as something had changed.

If you do find something on my website that isn’t correct, please do let me know and I will fix it straight away.

I pay for the vast majority of the trips, hotels and activities you see mentioned on this site. Where I do accept free travel or a media rate, the sponsoring company is very clear that this doesn’t guarantee a good review from me. I will always give my honest opinion regardless of whether it was myself or a sponsoring organisation paying the bill. However, everyone is different and my opinion will not necessarily reflect your own. If I loved something I will tell you why, but that does not guarantee you will love it too.

Where I have received some form of compensation for content on this site, this will be clearly disclosed. This under no circumstances will affect my opinion, which will as ever, be completely my own. I never recommend anything simply because I can make some money from it, it is not fair to you and would damage my reputation. I only recommend products and services that I have personally used and would be comfortable recommending to a friend.

Where I do occasionally link to a product or service that I have not personally used, I will make this very clear and it will not be in the context of a recommendation. I sometimes do this when I am talking about trips I have booked but not yet taken or about things going on in the travel space (here is an example).

In regards to any advertising you see on this site, I am not responsible for the featured companies, anything they do, or any information they provide. If you click through to their site and something goes wrong, that’s between you and them.

I may have affiliate links in my posts. This means that if you click through and make a purchase from the third party website, I will make a small commission. This does not increase the cost you have paid.

The vast majority of content you see on this website is mine, Rachael Gunn. The only exception to this is some of the photos. Where they are not mine, I have credited the source underneath. Everything is copyrighted so please do not repost anything elsewhere without gaining my written permission first.

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Finally, this site is here for your enjoyment and to hopefully make your travel planning that little bit easier. Please do get in touch via champagneonarrival@hotmail.com if you have any questions.