10 Luxury Travel Gifts for Him

I don’t know about you, but I find buying gifts for men a bit of a nightmare. I have resorted to keeping a running list whenever I stumble upon something that fits the bill, so that when the inevitable time comes that I need something quickly, I’m not drawing a total blank. This is my round up of the best luxury travel gifts for him; save this list for any last minute gift giving requirements!

Luxury Travel Gifts for Him
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Best Luxury Travel Gift Ideas For Him

Travel is definitely one of life’s great luxuries, so why not have the accessories to match! Everything on this list I either own myself, have given as a gift, or my husband or I have received as gifts from family or friends ourselves. Needless to say, I highly recommend everything mentioned. There’s even a few things mentioned in there that are good for home and away… perfect if the furthest you end up going in your sofa right now!

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Luxury Travel Gift Ideas for Him

Cashmere Travel Set

With the removal of airplane bedding due to the current epidemic, you need to bring your own if you want to try and get comfy on the plane (or car for that matter).

Regardless, this set is comfier than anything I have ever seen an airline provide and comes with a travel blanket and sleep mask contained in a cashmere zip cover that can then be used as a pillow case on the plane. It is also incredibly lightweight and will easily fit in your hand luggage.

Luxury Travel Gifts for Him: Cashmere Travel Set

Buy Now: You can view and purchase this set direct from Truly here. They ship to the UK and Europe. I am on the lookout for a US version and will update if I find one!

Cashmere Socks

Along with the fact it is an insanely comfortable fabric, cashmere does a great job of adapting to your body temperature; a very helpful feature given that planes have a habit of being boiling hot one minute and freezing cold the next.

Falke do a fab high quality sock and their 100% cashmere ones are total bliss. They are a bit spenny (but do last if you take care of them properly), so you could go for the wool cashmere blend ones instead.

Falke Wool Cashmere Socks - Luxury Travel Gifts for Him

Buy Now: You can purchase direct from Falke or Selfridges (who do international shipping). If you’re based in the US, you can also get them here.

Travel Wallet

I swear by these for keeping organised when you travel. There is enough to worry about without having to dig through your luggage every 5 seconds to produce a different document or ticket. I also much prefer them to passport holders, which, while a nice idea, just add on another thing to do as you have to take it in and out of its sleeve constantly as required by most border control officials.

A travel wallet serves the same purpose of protecting your passport, but also allows you safely store all your other essential documents in the same place, because lets face it, sticking your boarding pass in your passport is going to inevitably lead to you losing it one day.

This one is my favourite and is actually one of my go to gifts for anyone as they regularly release seasonal colour combinations to go alongside the classics.

Aspinal Classic Travel Wallet - Luxury Travel Gifts for Him

Buy Now: Aspinal of London Classic Travel Wallet (they do worldwide delivery)

Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are a travel essential; they help reunite you with your belongings if you are unlucky enough for them to go missing in transit and also allow you to personalise more generic luggage to ensure you go home with the right suitcase (I’ve learnt the hard way with this one).

These classic leather luggage tags are my favourite and also have the handy feature of separate window section for both your home and destination address.

Smythson Luggage Tag Luxury Travel Gifts for Him

Buy Now: Smythson Ludlow Luggage Tag (international delivery available)

An alternative is this set of two leather luggage tags that come in lots of different colours and limited edition fun prints.

Aspinal Luggage Tags - Luxury Travel Gifts for Him

Buy Now: Aspinal of London Luggage Tags Set of 2 (international delivery available)

UE Boom Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

I have one of these and absolutely swear by it. Waterproof, sand proof and drop proof (the latter I have extensively tested) the sound quality is excellent (plus they go really loud) and most importantly, the battery goes on forever (about 12 hours at mid volume).

You can also link several up at once if you wanted music throughout the house. They’ve now brought in features you can customise from the fabric to the colours and the text. The only potential downside of it is that it is on the heavy side, so I am considering getting the travel sized one they have since brought out to better fit in my hand luggage.

Buy Now: UE Boom 3. Alternatively, if you want the Wonderboom (travel sized version), you can get that here.

Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Vouchers or Membership

This is my absolute favourite curation of beautiful, luxurious and boutique hotels. They are so good in fact, it is the only company I will ever book a hotel through without doing any additional research. Plus, they always give you a Mr & Mrs Smith “Extra” with every stay which can be anything from a candle to take home with you, to a bottle of champagne.

You can buy beautifully presented hotel vouchers or for something a bit different, a membership plan. As well as money back on every stay, my favourite benefit is the Priority Pass membership that you get as part of it, giving you access to thousands of airport lounges around the world.

Silver Membership

  • Priority Pass standard membership for one year, which gives you discounted access to more than 600 airport lounges around the world (RRP £69)
  • 3% back on all bookings into your loyalty account for use on future trips
  • Priority booking on Smith Exclusive offers will be available to you 24 hours before BlackSmiths

Gold Membership

  • A dedicated travel concierge to arrange from restaurants and theatre tickets to guest lists and personal shoppers
  • Onda membership granting you free access during your trip to over 100 members-only clubs, creative workspaces and health clubs from London to LA (RRP £75)
  • Free room upgrades to the next level room category whenever possible in all participating Smith hotels
  • Priority booking on Smith Exclusives Our best offers will be available to you 48 hours before BlackSmiths and 24 hours before SilverSmiths
  • All SilverSmith membership perks

Buy Now: Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Vouchers or Membership

Slimline Credit Card Wallet

You are virtually guaranteed not to need 80% of the contents of your wallet when you’re away (I’d hazard a guess that 50% is filled with random loyalty cards you don’t use anyway). Trade the big wallet in for something more slimline to ensure that if you’re only taking what you need and if the worst was to happen, you don’t have to replace the contents of your entire wallet when you get home,

I have also been reliably informed that more minimalist wallets stay in your pocket rather than poking out when you sit down and are actually way more comfortable to be carrying around with you all day. This one has space for 4 cards and a little pocket for notes and a few coins.

Aspinal Credit Card Wallet - Luxury Travel Gifts for Him

Buy Now: Aspinal Slimline Credit Card Wallet (international delivery is available)

Whisky Minis

I think most of like to celebrate our jetting off with our poison of choice and it is not the time to put up with something substandard.

Plus, having miniature sizes always come in handy; picnics, bad days and for those Friday nights home on the train….

Balvenie and Glenfarclas are excellent options and both make a fab stocking filler for anyone who loves their whisky.

Balvenie Whisky Minis - Luxury Travel Gifts for Him
Glenfarclas Whisky Minis - Luxury Travel Gifts for Him

Buy Now: Balvenie Whisky Tasting Set or Glenfarclas Whisky Miniatures.

Toiletry Travel Kit

Upgrade the standard Christmas toiletry gift set with this one from Aesop. I think this is the best luxury travel kit on the market and actually includes most of what you would need when away from home. There is a departures and arrivals travel kit as well as Rome, Vienna and São Paulo, the same nine products with each but with different ingredients based on skin and destination type.

I’ve gifted this a few times now and always had great feedback; when you start using Aesop it’s hard to go back.

Aesop Travel Kit - Luxury Travel Gifts for Him

Buy Now: Aesop Travel Kit (international delivery available)

Travel Carry On

Ok, this is the go all out, lifetime kinda gift, but it is truly beautiful. There is something about classic leather that will never go out of style and no one does that better than Smythson.

The Ludlow is a great weekender bag with a removable shoulder strap and so soft you could use it as a pillow. If you love it but can’t quite justify the price tag, watch out for it in the summer and January sales for up to a 50% discount.

There are a couple of other great options as well and to be honest, this is the kind of bag you can’t have too many of. Aspinal do a lovely version and I am also a fan of this Bric’s weekender as well.

Buy Now: The Ludlow by Smythson, Harrison by Aspinal or Bric’s Life Weekender (USA link here).

Final Thoughts: Luxury Travel Gifts for Him

A little bit of luxe when you travel can go a long way and hopefully this gives you some great ideas for some gifts for men, particularly those that seem to have everything already!

If you need anymore ideas, you can check out my post on Luxury Travel Books for Planning & Inspiration or Personalised Gifts for the Luxury Travel Lover.


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