For those that want the information without the story weaved into it; these are my recommendations, tips and resources that I have developed through years of extensive travel in both a personal and professional capacity. 

I hope they are of use to you!

Travel Resources | Champagne on Arrival

Luxury Travel Resources

I have spent (and wasted) a lot of time trying various different travel companies over the years. I have now found a list of companies that I go back to again and again for booking almost all of my travel, only occasionally straying and using someone different to see if I am missing something!

The companies listed in my travel resources are the ones I whole heartedly recommend and use to research and book my own travel.

Resource Library

Combining travel with day to day life can be a tricky business, what with the sheer hectic chaos that preparing to take time out from the daily grind brings, to trying to work out what to book and who to book with. It’s a total minefield.

Luckily, it’s a minefield I love and one I have spent a lot of time trying to navigate. The Resource Library is where I share my best tips for booking luxury travel and not only that, but how not to pay more than you have to for it. It also has all of my planning resources to help get your house in order (in some cases, literally!) and ensure all pre-trip admin is done so that you can leave for your much deserved break with a bit of composure (!) and not worry about what you have left behind.

Resource Library | Champagne on Arrival

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