Family Villa Holidays: 5 Reasons to Ditch the Hotel

I grew up spending a good chunk of my summer holidays at my aunt and uncle’s house in suburban Long Island. On the days we spent at the house, my cousins and I spent all day playing in the pool before we all had dinner together out on the deck. We grew up and swapped playing in the pool for drinking wine by it and chatting long into the evenings out on that deck, just enjoying each other’s company. A few years ago, they got a beach house out east and we added beach walks and beautiful views to our evenings, which made the experience even better. These are some of my favourite memories and I still look forward to making this trip every year to see my family.

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Upcoming Travels in 2019 & Beyond!

I have had an unconventional year in terms of travel; my holiday schedule usually runs like clockwork but somehow it’s September and I haven’t left the country (not including a few very much work trips). Bloody typical for when I decide to start a travel blog!

My wedding last October has something to do with it; we had the most amazing honeymoon in Oman afterwards. I got home to the hell hole of retail logistics in the run up to Christmas with not enough room to think and before I knew it we were in January! Now we usually go on a hot and exotic 2 week long haul trip at the beginning of January to give me time to decompress after a busy couple of months. We are also pretty sick of the cold by then and a little break from it half way through the winter makes it all the more bearable.

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Whisky 101 & A Summer Whisky Cocktail

My trip to Scotland has definitely inspired me to learn a bit more about whisky, although, to be honest, this is all the information I absorbed! You definitely do not need to be an expert to visit a whisky distillery and enjoy it, I am most certainly not and I think it is a great experience. Besides, if you are not sold, their shop are generally a great place for souvenirs and Christmas presents!

It also reminded me of the most amazing summer whisky cocktail I ever had at the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. For Danny’s 30th birthday I hunted down the recipe and it is now our go to celebratory drink when the occasion calls. For those who fancy a bit of Vegas in their own home or want a more unusual whisky cocktail, the recipe is below.

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My 2018 Travel Round Up

So 2018 has been an amazing year for me, I had so many trips with friends and family, we went to some new places and revisited some of my favourites, all leading up to my wedding and honeymoon of a lifetime. 2019 has a lot to live up to!

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Welcome to Champagne on Arrival!

Champagne on Arrival is a luxury travel and lifestyle blog with a view of providing travel inspiration and advice.

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