Five of the Best Cafés in Kraków, Poland

The European café culture in strong in Krakow and I have to say, they have done them well! I personally love a café; coffee in the morning is essential to life and bonus points if I can switch to wine in the afternoon. They are great for catching up with friends, a change of scenery when you need to get some work done and perfect to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes, people watching.

Kraków added an extra bonus onto many of their cafés though, with something fairly stunning to look at! I spent lot of time in cafés during my trip to Kraków and ended up not being able to walk more than about 50 yards without convincing myself I needed a coffee break (no surprise I didn’t sleep so well on this trip). Most of the the time I was drawn in by something a bit more unusual like quirky décor or my absolute weakness, a knockout view.

If you’re planning a trip there anytime soon, here is my roundup of the best cafés in Kraków and if you find any others that should make the list, let me know so I can visit next time I’m there!

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4 Day Itinerary for Kraków in Poland

Kraków is an amazing city in so many ways; for starters, the architecture, a blend of Gothic and Renaissance is truly stunning. Walking through the city is a complete delight via the old cobbled streets and the beautiful Planty Park that encircles the Old Town. I really enjoyed my time there and I think a 4 day itinerary for Kraków is the perfect length to ensure you get a good feel of the city, but do not run around like a headless chicken and end up more exhausted on your flight home than when you arrived.

For this reason, this itinerary is what I would regard a healthy mix of culture, but still taking some time to relax and enjoy some of Kraków’s superb places to eat and drink.

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