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Travel Planning & Packing Checklists

Click to download these packing checklists to help you plan and prepare for your next trip and ensure you don’t forget any travel essentials. They are also fully editable from your phone or laptop, so you can fill in and check off without having to print!


Pin for FREE Printable Trip Planning Checklist
There can be lots to do before leaving home for your trip, use this checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything (or leave too much to the last minute).

Hand Luggage

Pin for FREE Printable Carry On Packing List

What to pack in your carry on luggage is most definitely worthy of a separate list, these are your most important and valuable items to remember.

Travel Tech

Pin for FREE Printable Travel Tech & Accessories Packing List

Travel tech can be one of the most frustrating things to forget to pack and there can often be more to remember than you first think!


Pin for FREE Printable Toiletries Travel Packing List

Print out this checklist to ensure you don’t forget any essential toiletries or medications on your next trip.


Pin for Post Quarantine Travel Planning Checklist

A guide to post quarantine travel from new packing essentials, what things to check before you go and how to clean your hotel room.

Destination Maps

Before I visit anywhere, I do some very extensive research on what to see and do, where to eat and drink and my personal favourite, the best rooftop vantage points for a sunset cocktail and a stunning view! These are edited appropriately on my return and now shared with you to help you navigate around your location of choice.

Download the Google Maps app onto your phone, click on the maps below and they will automatically open on your phone for you to view and save (if you are on desktop, no need to download the app). This will mean you are never more than a couple of taps away from finding the nearest recommended restaurant or bar when you’ve spent several hours exploring and need some refreshment!

Please note, than unlike the places reviewed on my blog, I haven’t personally visited all of the places located on these maps, but based on my research and/or any trusted recommendations, they fit the criteria for me to consider. I always research more than I could ever fit into the short time I spend travelling to these beautiful places as I like to have lots of choice and flexibility when I am there, but this inevitably means there are some places I don’t make it to (although it does give me an excellent reason to plan a return visit!)

Kraków in Poland

City Map of Kraków in Poland by luxury travel blog, Champagne on Arrival

Muscat in Oman

City Map of Muscat in Oman by luxury travel blog, Champagne on Arrival

Reykjavik in Iceland

City Map of Reykjavik in Iceland by luxury travel blog, Champagne on Arrival

Travel Itineraries

Click to download these travel itineraries to help inspire and plan your next trip. I’ve even included all the links you need to book everything from flights to hotels and tours, so you could be toasting your next holiday within the hour. They are also very handy for emailing to your chosen travel companion to persuade them that this is the destination they need to go next….

Template Travel Itinerary

Pin for FREE Printable PDF Travel Itinerary Template

Download & fill in of these (no printing needed!), then email to your travel companions before your next trip, for a stress free travel experience.

Oman 7 Day Itinerary

Pin for A Complete 7 Day Oman Itinerary with Bonus Travel Tips

Your complete guide to spending 7 days in Oman, along with bonus travel tips, places to stay & options if you want to stay longer in this beautiful country.

Iceland 3 Day Itinerary

Pin for A Complete 3 Day Iceland Itinerary with Bonus Travel Tips

Your complete guide to spending 3 days in Iceland, along with bonus travel tips, places to stay, where to eat & how to save money on a luxury trip here.

Krakow 4 Day Itinerary

Pin for Krakow Itinerary

An itinerary for spending 4 days in the Polish city of Krakow. Includes where to stay and eat, bonus travel tips and how to best plan your days to maximise your trip.


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