Oman: A Typical Destination for a Honeymoon

The look of confusion on every single person’s face after I told them I was having my honeymoon in Oman continued to amuse me, all the way up until my wedding day itself. It’s a standard question people ask when you say you’re getting married; “are you having a honeymoon?!” The next question is then some variation on “oooo, lovely, where are you going?”. I have then learnt that you are expected to reply with somewhere like the Maldives or the Caribbean and me answering Oman knocked everyone off their game.

They would quickly try and recover from their look of shock and try and say something nice; dependant on what mood I was in I would either stare at them, daring them to question me, or I would just laugh and tell them not to worry, I looked like that too when it was suggested to me.

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