A Private Golden Circle Tour in Iceland

The Golden Circle is probably the most popular tourist “attraction” in Iceland, after the Blue Lagoon. There are a few reasons for this; firstly, the capital Reykjavik, a convenient base for a quick trip to Iceland, is an ideal starting point. Secondly, it takes in several of Iceland’s most well known natural wonders and lastly, it is easily doable in a day. Unsurprisingly, you will therefore find that it is a route that can get very busy and for this reason, I opted for a private Golden Circle tour on my girls trip to Iceland.

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3 Days in Iceland: A Complete Itinerary

Iceland has become a wildly popular destination over the last few years and with very good reason. Regardless of whether you have one week or only 3 days in Iceland, you will have a wonderful time; from exploring beautiful Reykjavik, relaxing in one of their famous hot springs or seeing some of the stunning and unique landscape, there is something for everyone here.

That is actually something I can attest to personally as well, I (very unusually) had my hen do in Iceland and had the pleasure (and slightly stressful!) task of devising an itinerary for myself and 12 other ladies ranging from ages 13 to 82, all with wildly different interests and activity levels.

I did A LOT of research before booking this trip and below is the itinerary we ended up doing. We had the best long weekend in Iceland and it worked really well for everyone, with the final cut including touring the Golden Circle, relaxing at the Blue Lagoon and exploring Reykjavik.

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A Girls Trip to Iceland for my Hen Party

As soon as the subject of my hen party came up, I knew I didn’t want the traditional boozy night out with L plates and a classy looking tiara, I wanted to use it as an excuse to have a relaxing, girly weekend, preferably with some sun, yoga and cocktails. A party destination was definitely out, I needed something chilled and low key where I wouldn’t have to break my “in bed by 10pm” rule! It was therefore a bit of a surprise when I ended up on a girls trip to Iceland of all places for my hen party.

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Luxury Hotel Review: Heckfield Place, Hampshire

It is a beautiful spring Sunday morning and I am in a luxury hotel in Hampshire trying to follow the fairly long winded instructions on the in-room iPad on how to make the perfect coffee. A battle is then ensuing as I try to work out if my water is boiling in the world’s quietest kettle (which is also fairly attractive to look at), before then pouring the water through ceramic drippers, soaking, stirring and heating the cup as I go; have they not heard of Nespresso?

The pouting is therefore in full swing as I settle down on the plush sofa with a blanket to read my magazine and listen to the birds, until I take a sip. It is better than Nespresso; it might actually the best coffee I’ve ever had. It’s supplied by a company called Allpress and a quick google to see how I haven’t heard of it and where I can get it from confirms what I already suspect; it’s not available anywhere in the UK except London (and this hotel it appears). Ah well, I settle back down, snuggle up and have another two cups.

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The Slaughters: Two Beautiful Cotswolds Villages

Every now and again, I like to spontaneously book a luxury weekend away somewhere and am always on the look out for a deal to give me an excuse to do so. For us, this generally entails a beautiful countryside location in a luxury boutique hotel. Our current favourite place to escape for a weekend is the Cotswolds. Full of quaint, quintessentially British villages, fantastic scenery and some truly superb country hotels, the Cotswolds is perfect for a weekend size break.

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