Slow Tourism: An Immersive Travel Experience

Have you ever landed back home after a break, put some laundry on, sorted through the mail, got half way through making that cup of coffee in an effort to fight the jet lag and thought, “I need another holiday.” Well, I think there may well be an antidote to this and it’s something you may have heard of, slow tourism.

We travel for so many different reasons, however I would hazard a guess that for many of us it is to disconnect from the daily grind for a while, reset from the manic nature of work and household chores and return refreshed and ready to take on your life again. Realistically though, I find this doesn’t often happen and I can come home having had an amazing time, but somehow forgot (or ironically, didn’t have time to) chill out and actually relax.

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Airport Fast Track Services for a Luxury Travel Experience

Have you ever arrived at an airport and it’s touch and go whether you’ll make it onto the plane? That’s me, most of the time. It is not my husband, who leaves for the airport three days before our flight is scheduled to leave. We often travel separately to the airport.

Anyway, to combat my slight tendency to run things to the wire (I love the pressure!), there are various airport fast track services that virtually guarantee the time it will take me to get through the airport, meaning I get to allocate even less buffer time!

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My 2019 and Travel Plans for 2020

And just like that, another year over! 2019 had a lot to live up to after what was an absolutely incredible 2018, where I not only got married, but had the most amazing hen party in Iceland (of all places, there was a good reason for choosing this destination though) and an epic honeymoon in Oman.

However, 2019 has not done so badly, however I definitely did not expect it to turn out the way is has. After loving the intense and fast paced nature of my various jobs in retail logistics for the last seven years, something that I suspect had been building for a while led to me, quite unexpectedly, serving my notice in March.

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A Luxury Hotel Review: Six Senses Kaplankaya in Turkey

I had first discovered Six Senses Kaplankaya in Turkey in an article by Condé Nast Traveller, who are excellent at writing in such a way that entices me drop everything and book whatever it is they are talking about immediately.

Fast forward a year or so and the name popped up again, this time with a deal attached to it from one of my favourite luxury boutique hotel booking websites, Mr & Mrs Smith.
No further encouragement needed, a couple of hours later and we were all booked to visit Six Senses in Turkey!

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Five Rooftop Bars & Restaurants with the Best Views of Istanbul

I am a sucker for a great view and make it my mission to seek out rooftop restaurants and bars with the best views pretty much wherever I go. There is something about seeing a new city from above that I really love and if I can combine it with great food and wine, it makes for a perfect day. Istanbul was no different and our two day itinerary in the city featured lots of rooftop bars and restaurants known for their fantastic views (and one surprise one!).

We visited over a weekend in early November and it was still reasonably busy. I would recommend that for dinner especially, make a reservation. This is even more important if you want to secure a table with the best view. If you haven’t managed to, don’t worry, turn up for when their dinner service begins and you may get lucky.

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