Five of the Best Things to Do in Muscat Oman

While still not the first destination people generally think of when you talk about the Middle East, Oman is becoming increasingly popular within the region. If you are lucky enough to visit this beautiful country, it isn’t hard to figure out why. To reach the Oman you will most likely fly into it’s capital city, make sure you spend at least a couple of days here as there are lots of things to do in Muscat you won’t want to miss!

We actually spent seven nights in Muscat in total; four at the beginning at The Chedi hotel and three at the end at the Shangri-La Al Husn hotel. I am a massive luxury hotel lover and Muscat (and the rest of Oman) have some absolute stand out ones, so I wanted to allow plenty of time for relaxing in them during our stay. We were also in Oman for our honeymoon, another reason contributing to the more laid back approach to our trip!

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Luxury Hotel Review: The Chedi in Muscat, Oman

Choosing a luxury hotel in Muscat was probably one of the fastest hotel selections I have ever made and unusually for me, didn’t involve a spreadsheet or a pros and cons list! After some brief research, there appeared to be only three options for a true luxury hotel in Muscat; Shangri-La Al Husn, Al Bustan Palace and The Chedi Muscat. Luckily, our itinerary allowed us to choose two out of the three, as we would begin and end our trip in the capital. The first choice was The Chedi, a smaller boutique design hotel that features on Mr & Mrs Smith, whose hotels have always been spot on in my experience.

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Oman: A Typical Destination for a Honeymoon

The look of confusion on every single person’s face after I told them I was having my honeymoon in Oman continued to amuse me, all the way up until my wedding day itself. It’s a standard question people ask when you say you’re getting married; “are you having a honeymoon?!” The next question is then some variation on “oooo, lovely, where are you going?”. I have then learnt that you are expected to reply with somewhere like the Maldives or the Caribbean and me answering Oman knocked everyone off their game.

They would quickly try and recover from their look of shock and try and say something nice; dependant on what mood I was in I would either stare at them, daring them to question me, or I would just laugh and tell them not to worry, I looked like that too when it was suggested to me.

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