How to Travel Luxe for Less in Iceland

Planning a luxury trip to Iceland without breaking the bank for 13 women all with varying budgets, travel styles and expectations was the biggest travel planning win I have ever pulled off.

The final cost ended up being less than £850 per person for a three night break at the end of March, flying on Good Friday and arriving home on Easter Monday. We stayed in one of Iceland’s most luxurious hotels, booked private airport transfers, ate out every night, indulged in cocktails, had a private tour of the Golden Circle and indulged in the Premium Package at the Blue Lagoon. And that cost I just mentioned included all of that AND our flights (which were economy class, not business). Can you see why I’m pretty proud of that?!

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Blue Lagoon Tips: Everything You Need to Know

Visiting the Blue Lagoon is regarded as an iconic experience for many travellers, but it is something that does require a little bit more planning than usual. I organised a trip here for 13 people as part of a girls trip to Iceland which I learnt a fair bit from, so here I share my top Blue Lagoon tips to help you plan your visit and get the most out of the experience.

I actually spent 3 days in Iceland for my hen do of all things, so it was a no brainer to add this onto our trip; a fun, girly activity and suitable for all the different age ranges, interests and activity levels in our party. My hen do was not traditional in the slightest and there were no plans to do anything wild, however after a quiet dinner in Reykjavik the night before, we had accidentally ended up in a bar. None of us were feeling high energy I have to say, but I was feeling particularly… delicate that morning!

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A Private Golden Circle Tour in Iceland

The Golden Circle is probably the most popular tourist “attraction” in Iceland, after the Blue Lagoon. There are a few reasons for this; firstly, the capital Reykjavik, a convenient base for a quick trip to Iceland, is an ideal starting point. Secondly, it takes in several of Iceland’s most well known natural wonders and lastly, it is easily doable in a day. Unsurprisingly, you will therefore find that it is a route that can get very busy and for this reason, I opted for a private Golden Circle tour on my girls trip to Iceland.

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3 Days in Iceland: A Complete Itinerary

Iceland has become a wildly popular destination over the last few years and with very good reason. Regardless of whether you have one week or only 3 days in Iceland, you will have a wonderful time; from exploring beautiful Reykjavik, relaxing in one of their famous hot springs or seeing some of the stunning and unique landscape, there is something for everyone here.

That is actually something I can attest to personally as well, I (very unusually) had my hen do in Iceland and had the pleasure (and slightly stressful!) task of devising an itinerary for myself and 12 other ladies ranging from ages 13 to 82, all with wildly different interests and activity levels.

I did A LOT of research before booking this trip and below is the itinerary we ended up doing. We had the best long weekend in Iceland and it worked really well for everyone, with the final cut including touring the Golden Circle, relaxing at the Blue Lagoon and exploring Reykjavik.

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A Girls Trip to Iceland for my Hen Party

As soon as the subject of my hen party came up, I knew I didn’t want the traditional boozy night out with L plates and a classy looking tiara, I wanted to use it as an excuse to have a relaxing, girly weekend, preferably with some sun, yoga and cocktails. A party destination was definitely out, I needed something chilled and low key where I wouldn’t have to break my “in bed by 10pm” rule! It was therefore a bit of a surprise when I ended up on a girls trip to Iceland of all places for my hen party.

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